Thursday, November 27, 2008


I was browsing a message board last night on the topic of atheism. Now, I'm not saying I am an Atheist but I will say that I'm not a Theist. I kind of like the term Non-Theist. It just seems more in line with what I believe, ahem, don't believe. Some people like to say they're Agnostic. I don't like that term because it just seems so wishy washy to me. I know we don't live in a black and white world but when it comes to something as big as "god" or whatever you like to call him/her, I think you should take a stand. Agnosticsm allows people to be on the fence. That's just my thought...take it or leave it.

To give you some background, I was raised Christian and even prayed to god up until about 6 months ago. No, nothing horrific happened that made me turn away from Christianity. I hadn't been a strict Christian for quite awhile and started researching other religions. I knew there had to be a religion out there that made sense to me and wasn't something I believed just because my parents did. After all of my research, I have come to two conclusions. There isn't a religion out there that makes sense to me and I no longer believe in a god. So there's my religious history in a nutshell.

To get back to the original reason for this post, I was on a message board last night for atheism. There was someone on there with a username of HEAVENCANTWAIT and they posted John 3:16 and 17 and said “Do not form an opinion of the Bible until you have read it for yourself. God is real, heaven is real and eternity lasts a long time. Why spend it in darkness when you can spend it in light and in paradise?”. Obviously they don’t realize that most Atheists HAVE read the Bible and have decided it’s a load of horse poo. What makes you say it’s all real? You have proof? But what really killed me was the first response to the post:

Subject: Ah i remember you.
Body: If heaven can’t wait, then why don’t you go there faster? Seriously.

LMAO!! Last time i checked, HEAVENCANTWAIT didn’t post again.

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