Thursday, July 23, 2009

I scream. You scream.

We all scream for ice cream! I was out running errands today and got a craving for the cold confection. Perfect for a warm summer day. I had to go to the grocery store to pick up a few things anyway so off I went. I never keep cold treats in the house and it's been awhile since I actually went down the ice cream aisle. I charged down the aisle past the giant tubs of ice cream and sherbet to get to the section that has the smaller sizes and I about died. Did you know that they make itty bitty servings now?! They even come with their own little spoon! They were only a dollar each and I just had to pick up a couple. I got one Starbucks and one Ben & Jerry's. What you see is what you get for your serving size (pic below). Nutritionally, it's not the best but c'mon, it's ice cream. Not exactly a health food. :)

Be sure to check out Ben & Jerry's Halloween section of their Web site here. You can see their Flavor Graveyard of their "dearly de-pinted", the spooky mansion, pumpkin patch, laboratory, library and more. They really have a ton to look at. In the library, you can read the history of Halloween and there are links to costume and magic shops, real haunts, etc.


The Frog Queen said...

Ice creammmmmmm. yum! I know I am not stopping at the store on my way home :)


Cindy said...

my favorite ben and jerrys is half-baked...brownies AND cookie good!

PumpkinBrain said...

They don't sell Starbucks and Ben & Jerry's ice cream in my small city. But I would be happy to take some fudge ice cream with rolo chunks in it. Yummy!

The Halloween section of Ben & Jerry's is very funny!

Dracenea said...

Frog Queen - But they're only a dollar! You could totally stop. :)

Cindy - That does sound delish!

PumpkinBrain - Gosh I haven't had a Rolo in YEARS! No Starbucks? Wow...they've got them everywhere here. They're good but a bit pricey.

halloween spirit said...

Starbucks makes ice cream??! I gotta get out more. Thanks for the fun link :)

Ghoul Friday said...

The store behind my house sells the B & J's peanut butter flavour one...that has huge chunks of chocolate peanut butter cups in it.

It calls to me at night.

Wendy the (Very) Good Witch said...

Me loves ice-cream! Yum! We actually went to the Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Factory in Vermont a couple of years ago. It was pretty cool to see how it's made, and you get free samples which only made you hungrier so that you'd go to the concession stand out front and by MORE! They had a really yummy one called Phish Food. And I got beautiful Fall shot in the area out front. I'll post it if I can find it.

Dreamwriter said...

I miss Carvel! We don't have it where I live.

I love chocolate, all kinds of chocolate and fudge brownie or mud pie, or anything chocolate..death by chocolate.

Dracenea said...

Halloween Spirit - I've never seen ice cream at a Starbucks but they do indeed make it.

Ghoul Friday - I loves me some PB. Yum!

Wendy - You've been to all these cool places! I've heard of Phish Food but never had it. I'll have to try it next time.

Diane said...

Ghoul Friday "it calls to me at night" lmao!

my fave ice cream is vanilla bean. it has to be bean!

i put that caramel dip for apples in it - a huge scoop.
and crush up nutter butters in it.

o.m.g. you must try it.

Dracenea said...

Diane - That DOES sound delish!

Renee said...

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.......... ice cream. They little servings aren't as good. They get freezer burned. And Starbucks and Ben & Jerry's for $1 ...aahhhh... I miss the midwest prices. Ship me some!!

Enjoy. And I hearby declare Ice cream a health food. Count it a dairy serving.

Dracenea said...

Renee - I thought the ones I tried would be a bit freezer burned but they weren't, surprisingly.

I concur that ice cream should be a health food. :)