Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Freedom of religion means any religion.

A friend of mine sent me an article the other day about a new religion course being taught in schools in Quebec. I'll wait while you read the article here. This is ridiculous. Why are these parents so appalled? Is it because their child might learn something new that makes more sense to them than the religion they were brought up with? Or are they thinking this may lead to their children questioning aspects of their faith that they (the parents) can't answer? Let's not forget that questioning aspects of a religion can mean that you're doubtful of what you've been following and may make you fall out of grace with others around you that are following that faith because questioning just isn't allowed. Whew, that was a long sentence. If these parents are so strong in their faith and feel their children are too, then they shouldn't be worried. It's just information that the child may not have known before. It doesn't mean that the school is trying to sway anyone. Technically, it's comparable to teaching an Irish student about Spanish history. It happens all the time and no one pitches a fit. But with anything religious, you gotta' tiptoe around it. Yeesh!

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