Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Too much hate and not enough love.

While I'm on the topic of religion tonight, there is an article that came about due to Sarah Palin's church being set on fire by means of arson. Click here to read that article. My favorite part was the very last paragraph:

"Secularists in the west say to the apologists of the religions: your beliefs are your choice, so take your place in the queue. They also say: you've had it your own way for a very long time and committed a lot of crimes in the process and you still fancy yourself entitled, but you aren't. You don't smell too good at times, so don't try to tell me what I can read, see on TV, do in my private time, think or say. In fact, keep your sticky fingers off my life. Believe what you like but don't expect me to admire or excuse you because of it, rather the contrary, given the fairy stories in question. And when you are a danger to the lives and liberties of others, which alas is too frequently the wont of your ilk, we will speak out against you as loudly, persistently, and uncompromisingly as we can."

There is talk that Mrs. Palin's church was set afire because they promoted a Focus on the Family conference that was there to turn gay people straight. Your gayness can be overcome! What a crock of crap. If the church was set on fire because of this, I have to say that two wrongs don't make a right. It's sad that certain people of certain religions can't just love and accept everybody...isn't that what the Bible says to do? Hmm? And when someone feels they are being attacked, they may want to lash out but you have to stop and think, what will this accomplish? Usually nothing because the person/thing you're lashing out at isn't going to change. It continues to be a vicious circle and the only way to change the situation is to change your way of looking at it. I'm saddened anytime that I hear of predjudices whether they be religious, racial, sexual, financial (rich vs poor) or otherwise. Unfortunately, there will always be someone that wants to bully someone else. If only the bully could feel the pain they are inflicting. Emotional scars last far longer and go far deeper than physical scars.

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Riverwolf, said...

Yeah, I hope her church wasn't vandalized because of the gay thing--more negative attention we don't need! (Not only are gays after your children, they'll vandalize your churches!)

Still, some of these religious folk don't know when to stop. Karma's a bitch.