Friday, February 20, 2009

Alright's time for a ghost story!

I guess you could say I'm your stereotypical goth who occasionally likes to walk through cemeteries. I find them peaceful and intriguing. I had heard a rumor that a nearby cemetery was haunted and I had to check it out. This happened last summer.

The story goes that there is a stairway to hell and that, on some nights, you can see a "blue" man at the top of the stairs on Ferry Hill. I wanted to check the cemetery out during the day, as I like to take pictures and although I love the moon, my camera does not. The cemetery is about a half hour's drive away. What I didn't know was that it is absolutely huge. It's 80 acres! So when I set out to find the infamous stairway, it took a bit longer than expected. There was no map so I just wandered until I found it.

At this point, I should tell you that I can pick up on spirits. Creepy? Not really. Most cemeteries are surprisingly quiet and by quiet I mean not a lot of activity from ghosts or spirits or whatever you like to call them.

So there I am walking along, taking the occasional picture, and something tells me to go a certain way. Lo and behold, there's the stairway. As I approach, I'm not hearing much noise around. There was a lawn crew at the entrance to the cemetery but you couldn't hear them where I was. There wasn't anyone around, which seemed normal for an afternoon during the work week. Everything seemed normal until I got to the stairway. As I started walking up, my stomach began to cramp and I could hear crows cawing. I looked up and there were about five crows flying in a circle over Ferry Hill. Hmm, that was strange. I kept going to the top and my stomach cramps kept getting worse. The crows were circling overheard and I had a bad feeling about the place but I didn't come this far for nothing so I decided to stay for a bit and check it out. Eventually the noise from the crows got to me and I began to descend the stairs. By the time I got to the ground, my stomach cramps had vanished and the crows had too.

While I was up there, I did sense a man in his late 30's or early 40's dressed in a brown suit with a bowtie. When researching the cemetery and who was buried there, I came across a Web site that had some pictures and one of them looks eerily similar to the man I sensed on Ferry Hill but he died in his 70's. He did have a son who died in his 40's but the only picture of his son was from when he was probably around 10 years old. There wasn't much information to go on.

I plan on going back there once the weather warms up and this time I'll go at night. Who knows? Maybe the blue man will make an appearance?

The picture shown below is one that I took that day. Looks harmless, yes? Sometimes the creepiest things do.


Riverwolf, said...

OMG, we should totally hang out! I used to do this ALL the time. In fact, on one of my first dates with a guy, we ended up in a cemetery. Very sweet and memorable actually, but definitely different now that I think back.

Good scary story, and of course, I'm going to enable you by encouraging you to return! That is odd about your cramps, the staircase and the crows. I think the photo is even creepy--that cemetery seems quite overgrown.

If you ever get to Savannah, GA, you have to tour the cemeteries. I went there once and that's my favorite memory. Beautiful places--and quite peaceful.

Dracenea said...

We should totally hang out! I had a first date in a cemetery too!

I have another online buddy who lives near me and he's going to go with me. He's an empath so between the two of us, it'll be an interesting trip!

Most of the cemetery is quite maintained but Ferry Hill isn't for some reason. Interesting.

I definitely plan on heading to Savannah...hopefully this year. ; ) I've seen lots of pictures of the year and it looks absolutely breathtaking.