Friday, February 13, 2009


I just saw the movie Atonement. I normally only watch movies that are scary and/or movies that have a vampire but occasionally I'll watch something more mainstream and I'm glad I chose to today. This was a phenomenal movie. The library scene was exquisite (pictures shown above). The ending was a total shock. If anyone can watch the movie and see that coming, then they must be one hell of a psychic. To see the trailer and get more information on this movie, click here. Even though it was a love story, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Speaking of love, a MySpace friend posted a bulletin today asking, "What is love?". My answer was influenced by the movie I had just finished watching, of course:

Love is a feral tiger. Never giving in until it is satisfied and even then, it only settles down for a moment until the hunger takes over again, wanting more each time. Ripping apart it's prey until the victim can take no more and then the tiger licks the wounds with it's healing tongue making the victim lose themself in the bliss of the kiss.

Happy Valentine's Day to all you victims! : )


Draven said...

I liked this movie too and the ending totally threw me... I wasnt expecting that at all...

Eve Noir said...

Ooo, we're are TOTALLY gonna disagree (think this is a first!)...I was REALLY really looking forward to this movie. (I have this thing for Mr. Tumnus, I mean James so I thought it has got to be good!) I was sadly disappointed...I didn't like it, I was so depressed by it & the library scene couldn't even save this film for me. My boyfriend says the film was great might soon see how picky I am when it comes to films. :( Maybe the book was better...:)

Dracenea said...

McAvoy is such a hottie!

It did have an incredibly sad ending and because of it, it made the rest of the movie sad once you thought back on everything. I guess I just tried to forget about the ending and pretend that I imagined it?