Thursday, April 16, 2009


I was perusing the blogs this morning and came across a post by Dreamwriter. There's a Web site you can go to get your fairy name and it gives you a little description too. Here's what mine was:

Your fairy is called Feather Goblinglitter
She is a bringer of riches and wealth.
She lives in high places where the clouds meet the earth.
She is only seen in the light of a shooting star.
She wears pale blue like the sky. She has gentle green wings like a butterfly.

By the looks of my bank account, I'm assuming the riches and wealth are not monetary. : )

When you hear the word fairy, what comes to mind? If they did exist, what would they be like? Inquiring minds want to know what you think!

I found the below fairy pic on Photobucket and had to add it here. It fits pretty well with the description, eh?


Diane said...

Here's mine!

Your fairy is called Oak Icespider
She is a bone chilling bringer of justice for the vulnerable.
She lives in forests of oak and lime trees.
She is only seen when the dry seed cases pop.
She decorates herself with leaves and berries. She has icy blue butterfly wings.

love it!!

first off, fairies DO exist, there is no question in my mind! ;)

and they are very spirited, curious and sometimes mischievous! at least the ones i've come across....


The Frog Queen said...

If the Frog Queen was a fairy....
Your fairy is called Thorn Hailshimmer
She is a protector of the lonely.
She lives in brambles and blackberry bushes.
She is only seen when the first flowers begin to blossom.
She wears purple and green like berries and leaves. She has cheery turquoise wings like a butterfly.

Thanks! That was fun!


Dreamwriter said...

Wow! Your results are better than mine. Mine was boring and all about the color green! LOL!!

Dracenea said...

Diane - Icespider? Love it! Thanks for answering my question about fairies. : )

Frog Queen - Yours sounds like the type you want to have around cuz' we all get lonely sometimes.

Dreamwriter - After I reread yours, I noticed all the green popping out. But you know that green is the way to be nowadays.

Eve Noir said...

Ooo, very cool Dracenea. I'll have to try as well...but if mine's not cool, I won't post it. Take care~

Eve Noir said...

Hm, tough question! I remember seeing the Fairies in Labyrinth the first time I saw it (which I love very much) and thinking they bite peeps how they do in the film. But I don't imagine they are really like that! I think they are pretty much like how Diane explained 'em-VERY curious & get into trouble. Also I think they'd be full of love & life!

Dracenea said...

Eve - Thanks for responding! I've got a couple cute fairy pics to send to you but my email isn't cooperating. Grr.