Friday, April 17, 2009

Job updates.

I'm feeling a little frustrated and figured I'd just let it all out here. Every single day for the past two weeks I have done something job related whether it be looking for a job or following up on a job application. A couple of the ads I responded to ended up being spam. A couple seemed like they could be legit so I emailed a couple questions to verify and never heard back so I have to assume they were spam.

One place called me on Monday and left a voicemail telling me that they were interested in having me come in for an interview. I called them back later that day and got voicemail. I called and left another voicemail on Tuesday. I still have not heard back.

The Humane Society job didn't work out. They see all of my banking experience and don't give me another look. The last time I applied for a job working with animals was when I was looking for a second job a few years ago and I had interviewed with PetSmart. They told me that I was overqualified. What?! So I get turned down for jobs because I'm overqualified? Crazy!

I've been scouring our local papers for work and either it's a field I have no experience in or they say you have to be bilingual. Personally, I think that's bullshit. I understand we have a lot of Spanish speaking people here in west Michigan (don't know why) but to say that it's a requirement that I have to speak Spanish is ridiculous. You're in fucking AMERICA! I don't go to other countries and expect them to speak my language and change all of their signage for me. Isn't saying that you have to be bilingual discrimination? I took two years Spanish in high school so I know the basics but not enough to be considered bilingual. Ugh, frustrating!

Anytime I go in to a store, I ask if they are hiring and no one is. I found out that one of our local fast food places is hiring and so I put my application in there on Wednesday. So far I haven't heard anything but I'm waiting until Monday before I follow up. I honestly don't care that I used to work in a fancy job that included business cards and paid travel and now I'll most likely be working in a fast food joint. Honestly the fast food job looks like it would be more fun! I'll probably hear crap from my family and friends but oh well. A job is a job.

It's scary that it's taking this long to find a job. I thought for sure I could find a job much quicker.


Eve Noir said...

I feel your pain girlie. Over here on the east side, it's just as bad. Finding full-time work is a joke and finding another part-time job is just as bad. Most the places I interviewed for that were hiring part-time basically said I HAD to quit my current part-time job...WTF?!! Very bizarre, never heard of that before. How can someone live on their own on part-time wages? I couldn't do it...thank God I live with my boyfriend.

This Hallmark store across the street ALWAYS has a "Now Hiring" sign up...for a year atleast, I swear. So I put in many apps & one day I asked to talk to the manager. She was so wishy-washy about the position...I'm just thinking "Take that sign down if you aren't really hiring!" She said something like "Well it depends on my staff's needs." What?...would I be a substitute worker?! So freakin' weird!

It's not easy but don't give up. It is sucky that fast food places are prob the best bet...but like you said, a job's a job! And being overqualified, that is ridiculous!
Best of luck always!

BTW: Mike is still watching NCIS, yikes!

Dracenea said...

Eve - That is ridiculous that some employers expect you to drop everything for their part-time job. 9 times out of 10 they won't even give you that many hours either.

That Hallmark store sounded silly too. Not many people are looking for a job where they are considered a fill-in.

I guess the real question is why is Mike still watching NCIS? : )

Eve Noir said...

I actually watched an entire episode of it from start to finish & it was pretty good. He keeps watching the 3 episodes in a row reruns. (sssh, don't tell him but he's very obsessed with it! we were out walking the dog & he didn't want to stop at his friend's house cuz he didn't want to miss an episode!) Well, I know you couldn't tell him anyways but you know what I mean!!!

Night & thanks for the email & cute pics!

halloween spirit said...

I can relate. I lost my job just before Christmas and am currently in that wasteland between being "over-qualified" for some jobs and "under-qualified" for others. It's ridiculous. Hang in there. I've heard it can take six months to a year to find a new job after losing an old one :(

Twasthebrilligandtheslithytoves said...

I have a job, but I have been looking for another job to replace it since the commute has gotten too crazy. and I cannot find ANYTHING. At least I HAVE a job though...i try to remind myself of that everyday.

Good luck with your job hunt. Hopefully, things will get better...

Dreamwriter said...

What does your banking experience have to do with working at the Humane Society? Or did you apply for a *Certain* position? When I worked at mine, I literally worked with the animals. I LOVED it!

I know about the spam jobs, it sucks. I went through the same thing with some law firms. And they provide ONLY fax #'s and NO phone numbers for a follow up..that is telling us something, huh?

Hang in there! Things will work out :)

Dracenea said...

Eve - Wow Mike really IS into that show!

Halloween - If it takes 6 months, I'll be in trouble!

Twasthebrillig - Thanks for the good luck. I sure need it.

Dreamwriter - I applied for a certain position, which would have partially meant working with animals but people see that I've had banking experience for 8 years and don't think I fit with certain jobs.

I don't understand Spammers. They're awful!

Riverwolf, said...

Hang in there, D! I've started a more serious job search myself, and it is disheartening to find so little out there. You might consider doing some volunteer work until you find a new job. Something you really enjoy that might even count as "job experience." I know it won't pay the bills, but it might be a good opportunity to meet like-minded people and make good contacts. Just a suggestion.

Diane said...

your job does not define you. just be patient with yourself. sounds like you are doing all that you can.

about the mandatory bilingual thing... well... maybe we just wont go there just right now... i don't want to disturb the xanax by getting all worked up! lol

Dracenea said...

Riverwolf - I have considered the volunteer angle but honestly this job search is taking up a good chunk of my time. There is one local place that I wanted to volunteer at but they are so slow that they don't need even need volunteers. There's another place that does need volunteers but it's 2 hours roundtrip and without incoming dough, I really can't afford that kind of gas money.

Diane - I'm thinking you may feel the same way I do about the bilingual stuff. : ) We'll just take deep breaths in and out and try to monitor our blood pressure!