Saturday, April 4, 2009

Morbid marketplace.

For all of you out there with a little morbid side, I've got some products for ya' to check out. When you come home from a hard day and feel like you just want to stab something, now you can. When you need a gift for your local coroner, look no further. Just keep these out of reach of your dog. For that morbid Mr. or Miss that has everything, get them this. Shopping accomplished!


Diane said...

that book looks amazing! i'm off to see if i can find out more about this photographer!

the knive set my boyfriend actually has. it's great fun!

Eve Noir said...

Very cool finds. I really like the knife holder. That's cool...pricey, but cool! If I were to have a knife holder (sad I don't have one, right?!) that would be it!

Hey, I was gonna watch Paranormal State last night but all the ones listed (On Demand) seemed too freaky for me before bed. I was up by myself & I think I would've been a little freaked to go to sleep right after. Maybe I'll watch it with Mike or during the day sometime.

Oh & I got my Gorey stuff today. Very happy. I'll be posting that soon.
Take care~

Dracenea said...

Eve - If you get freaked out easily, you probably don't want to watch Paranormal State before bed. Especially with the nightmares you tend to get!

Glad to hear your Gorey stuff finally arrived!