Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Job/House updates.

I've been scouring Craigslist and online newspapers for job opportunities. I'm really hesitant about using Craigslist because of all the spammers out there but I emailed a few of the contacts yesterday anyway just to see. One company responded that the position was filled, which irked me a bit because they should have taken their ad down then. Another company was spam. Another company responded that they were still looking for an employee and I'm pretty excited because it's with the Humane Society. I've always wanted to work with animals and here's my chance. I went to Kinko's today to print out my resume and will be going to their office tomorrow to submit my application. I'm really hoping this works out for me. It's half the pay I was making at my last job and isn't full-time but the opportunity to work there would be priceless.

I updated my resume on Hot Jobs yesterday and when I logged into my email this afternoon, I had an email from a bank saying they saw my resume and wanted me to come in for an interview. (I've been in the financial industry for 8 years.) After doing some research, I found that there was a Web site for the bank and they did have an office in a neighboring city so I decided to call the number the person gave. When I called, she sounded legit and wanted me to come in for an informational interview tomorrow night at their office, which is about 40 minutes away. They were looking to hire full time but she didn't give me much information other than that, which I thought was strange. She said I would find out more tomorrow. I asked who I would be interviewing with and she gave me a couple names. After we hung up, I called the 800 number listed on the bank's Web site to see if I could track down those people to see if they were actual employees. They weren't listed in the directory at all and when I talked to someone at the company, they said they didn't have a directory to look up employees but that she could take my name and address and forward it to my local office for them to get back with me. That sounded fishy. I think I'm going to end up cancelling the interview because something just doesn't seem right. Plus the interview is at 6pm...a little strange for a bank.

While I was at Kinko's today, that realtor that I had called last week called me back. She and her husband (they are a team) are going to come by tomorrow at 3:30pm to check out my condo. She of course said that now is a hard time to sell and was wondering if I could get any relief from the latest stimulus package. I'm pretty sure I can't (cuz' I quit) but I'll check into it.

So tomorrow's going to be a big day...applying at the Humane Society and having a realtor come. Hopefully I'll hear good things! If I do land the job at the Humane Society or somewhere else that I really like, then I'll postpone my move down south, even if the condo sells. Lots to think about.


Eve Noir said...

Wow, lots of stuff happening. Yeah, that bank does sound interview at 6pm? That's plain odd.

Yeah, Craig's List seems really weird, be careful with it.

That would be great if you got to work at the Humane Society (blows fairy dust on Dracenea). I hope it works out! And of course, I hope things work out with your home. Keep us updated. Take care.~

Diane said...

maybe this is one of those crossroads in life. how things unfold for you in the next little while will help you determine what you are meant to do right now.

and whatever that is, i wish you the best of luck!

Riverwolf, said...

Good for you for being skeptical about some of these "jobs." Yeah, a 6pm interview does sound sketchy. If you DO go, get there early enough and check things out--and leave if you feel uncomfortable. At least, that's what I would do. I've signed up some of the online job postings, and I've come across some cool, interesting and legit jobs, although they didn't work out for me. Others were simply scams, as you mentioned.

Sending good vibes your way!

Dracenea said...

Eve - Thanks for the fairy dust! I need it.

Diane - You are so right. I'm excited to see what will happen.

Riverwolf - I canceled that job interview that was at 6pm. Just seemed too sketchy. I've emailed more companies today and dropped off my app and resume at the Humane Society so we'll see.

It's 3:30 right now and that realtor is supposed to be here. We'll see when she shows.

Ghoul Friday said...

I hope you get the job with the Humane society. I think it would be a really satisfying gig.

Dracenea said...

Ghoul Friday - Thanks! It would definitely be a job I would love going to every day and you can't say that about a lot of jobs out there.