Saturday, March 21, 2009

Alternative toys for the rest of us.

So I'm into the darker side of life, in case you didn't know yet. : ) I have a little wish list of things that I would like to buy someday. Things that I can't find at stores around here in my little conservative part of the planet. I thought I would share some of my finds for those who may be of like mind. Enjoy!

BEGoths dolls : If I were able to purchase any two, they would have to be Angelica Noir and Annabelle Lee.

Teddy Scares : My favorite of these is Sheldon Grogg.

Emily The Strange : In particular, Bad Bootsy.

Gorey Details : They have tons of fun toys. Like Skullboy, Lenore stuff, Furry Bones Bunny, Furry Bones Kitty, and although these aren't really toys, they're still pretty nifty. They even have Coraline dolls.

Who says we ever have to grow up?


Eve Noir said...

1st off, ALL the stuff you posted is very cool!

Do they still make BEGoths? Wasn't sure about that. I got a few. My fave is Malice Looming in Wonderland (obvious reasons), think that's her name. The ones you like rule-love Ms. Noir lots! (I have a post of the ones on my shelf, check the dolls/toys topics if you'd like to see.)

Emily the Strange is great. I have her figure and a bunch of her comics...postcards.

You got me into Gorey Details (they are bookmarked!). Lenore is so cute.

NEVER grow up...stay in Neverland forever. You've seen Peter Pan, right? As for me, I'll always be in Wonderland...;}

Oh & Wow, we're up late tonight, aren't we!??...I should be off to bed soon...

Dracenea said...

They do still make BEGoths but I'm pretty sure they sell out fast. Malice Looming has cute striped tights! I checked out your post of your LDDs. Lovely dolls! Looks like they had a few different versions of Malice.

I have an Emily The Strange magnet, wallet and mug. The mug picture changes when exposed to heat. Fun!

I have a few Gorey Details links that I'm going to email you tonight that you may not have come across yet. One has a Tara McPherson item. :)

I loved the movie Hook. Here's to staying child-like forever!

The weekend is the only time I can stay up late so I'll be up for awhile but nighty-night to you!