Sunday, May 24, 2009


I'm not doing today's Sunday Stealing because I try to keep this blog pretty anonymous and there were questions I just didn't want to answer. So instead, I'm giving you some cute pics to look at. Pictures courtesy of Cute Overload.

Puffer Fish


Talapoin Monkey


cindy said...


Eve Noir said...

BIG AWWWWW to the first pic. I don't know if I've seen a puffer fish quite like that.

I didn't want to do the Sunday meme BIG thing was that it was wayyyyy tooooo long. Yikes! Really?...personal stuff. Like what (you can email me)? I'll have to go back & look at Diane's...but I must admit I didn't read every single question & answer cut it was out of control!

BTW: I went to Michaels today instead of tomorrow (just in case it's crazy there during the sale). I got a few things & one thing was actually 40% off (w/coupon) so I was happy. I'll tell ya more later. Have fun if you go tomorrow. I got some more ideas while I was there, so that was cool!

Enjoy your holiday tomorrow. Are you working it?

Diane said...

omg i must have that little monkey!!

Joy said...

The ocelot looks like it's just about to say something. And that puffer fish - flat out amazing.

halloween spirit said...

Love the pufferfish!!

Dracenea said...

Cindy - Animals are the cutest!

Eve - I'll email ya' with the questions I didn't want to answer. Can't wait to hear what you got at Michael's. Love that store! Although I did have a disappointing experience today. :( And yep, I did work tonight. Man that place is crazy!

Diane - I'm shipping you a monkey tonight. ha ha

Joy - Thanks for visiting!

Halloween Spirit - I'm feeling like the puffer fish right now. I ate too much for dinner! ha ha