Friday, May 29, 2009

The life of a delivery driver.

I had a couple deliveries tonight at work that were worthy of a blog post. We have a "richy-rich" neighborhood in the city I live in. It's right on the water and there are huge houses everywhere with amazing views. Tonight, I had a delivery to one of those houses. I pulled into their cobblestone wrap-around driveway and walked up the stairs to their door. Before I ran the bell, I noticed that there was a video camera. Wow. I've never been to a house with a surveillance system. When the lady opened the door, she was incredibly nice and invited me in. I stood there while she went to get the money and took in all of the fancy decor and huge windows that showed an amazing waterfront view. I wouldn't ever want a big house but I definitely wouldn't complain about that view. Gorgeous!

Another interesting delivery was also out towards the water. As I was driving out there, I looked at their order ticket and the address remarks gave a dock number. Huh? Sure enough, I ended up in the marina with boats galore and drove around until I found the right dock number. When I got out, I had no idea where to go because I didn't see numbers by the slips. A lady came out of the clubhouse and asked if I had a delivery for her. Whew, that always makes it easier when someone flags me down. I followed her down the dock past a long line of boats until I got to hers. I've never delivered to a boat before! Another amazing view, of course.

Hope you enjoyed the peek into part of my work life. : )


Eve Noir said...

Interesting deliveries. Getting a pizza by boat is nuts! I hope they gave you a GREAT tip.

Yeah, we have a neighborhood close by that is off the water. And they are BIG GORGEOUS houses that face the water. I could only imagine what they look like inside & the awesome view.

I wouldn't say I want a HUGE @ss house but I'd like a house big enough for an art room, computer room, ooo a nice fireplace would be many other things. But yeah I wouldn't like TOO many rooms. Would feel like I was living in a fancy hotel.

K, off to the QUICKIE post.~

Dracenea said...

Eve - Even though we talked earlier, I'm still responding to your comment here. :)

Having an art room and a computer room would be nice to have. Especially if your art can get messy. You wouldn't want a painted computer! Or would you? ;)