Monday, May 11, 2009


So my birthday yesterday ended up being crazy busy just running errands. I had to get new shoes, pants, and socks for my new job, which I start in about an hour. Yay! Just trying to find the right shoes was a chore because everyone has tons of sandals this time of year. I finally found the right pair at Payless but they didn't have it in my size so I had to travel to the nearest store that had them, which was 30 miles away. It's super hard finding pants for me too because I'm tall and pants that are too short just look silly. I finally had success finding pants too but they were pricey. $55 a pair! Eh, if they fit right, they fit right and I justify the cost that way. Plus I got sweet coupons at that store so it's all good.

While I was out and about, I ended up at a mall that had a Hot Topic so I just had to stop in and see what they had. I ended up buying a Cradle of Filth CD, a Combichrist CD and a Skelanimal necklace (pic below). Had to treat myself, ya' know. When I went to check out, the necklace ended up being only $5 so that was a sweet deal. It was originally $10.

I was at the drive through at Arby's today getting brunch and as I pulled around the corner after ordering, I saw a bunch of smoke in the air. I saw a couple guys across the way that looked like they may have been in construction so I figured it was asphalt dust or something in the air. When I got closer, I saw flames and realized that a car was on fire! Maybe I've seen too many movies or TV but all I could think about was the car exploding and me along with it. No one was behind me in line so I backed up and went to the other side of Arby's and went in for my order. Everyone was watching the car outside. If I had a way to get pictures off of my phone, I would have taken pics for ya'. It looked like it was an engine fire because the whole front end of the car was flaming and melting. Finally the fire department showed up and put it out before the fire spread to the gas tank. The driver of the car was okay.

Alright people, I'm off to check some blogs and then get ready for work. Have a wonderful day, everyone!


Diane said...

i hate shopping for clothes anymore... :(

i'm hoping you are having a super terrific first day to work!! let us know how it went!

my first boyfriend i had set my first car on fire... it was a disaster! i'll have to tell that story one day...

oh and speaking of boyfriends! i totally changed my mind lol !! *SIGH* i'll email you later with the details... i'm retarded...

Riverwolf, said...

Wow--an exciting day! And congrats on the job! I'm so behind--but I'll keep reading and find out more...

Eve Noir said...

Yikes the fire sounds crazy! I'm glad you're ok. If you're tall---I'm gonna look like MINI ME standing by you...cuz I'm a shortie!

Yay for things on sale!!! Love those skellys.

Good luck on your 1st day...I got a surprise at my Black & Blue blog waiting for you when u get home!
Take care~

Dracenea said...

Diane - I have never liked shopping for clothes. It's the worst!

I'll be doing a post soon about my first day at work.

I need all the boyfriend details...the story of the fire and of what's going on now!

Riverwolf - Thanks for following up on some of my latest posts. A lot has happened!

Eve - I'm not like glamazon tall. : )

I'll be checking your blogs soon!