Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday Stealing: The Monkey's Meme

This meme brought to you by:

1. Name one person who made you smile today:

For confidentiality sake, we'll call him James. (Funny co-worker.)

2. What were you doing at 8am this morning?

One of my favorite hobbies...sleeping.

3. What were you doing 45 minutes ago?

Making the blog rounds.

4. What is your favorite candy bar?

I'm not really a candy person.

5. Have you ever been to a strip club?

No but I'm not against it.

6. What was the last thing you had to drink?

Good ol' H2O.

7. What was the last thing you ate?

Mac n' Cheese from the place I work at.

8. The last sporting event you watched?

In person? Probably hockey. On TV? Probably skateboarding/BMX stuff.

9. Do you go to church every Sunday?

10. Do you prefer Chinese food over pizza?

It really depends on if I'm in the mood for cheese or not.

11. What are you doing tomorrow?

Since I haven't gone to bed yet, I'm going to tell you about my Sunday plans. Hopefully finishing up a craft project and then I have to work.

12. What do you think of when you hear Australia?

That male revue show. I think it's called Thunder Down Under? hee hee

13. Biggest annoyance right now?

My neighbors.

14. Last song listened to?

Some Rob Zombie song. I had a mixed CD in the car on the way home.

15. Do you have a maid service clean your house?

Yes, her name is Dracenea. : )

16. Are you jealous of anyone?

Not anyone in particular.

17. Is anyone jealous of you?

Not that I'm aware of.

18. What do you usually do during the day?

Lately I've been crafting, watching TV, running errands, cruisin' the Net. Oh yeah, laundry and cleaning (see maid service above).

19. Do you hate anyone that you know right now?

Hate is a strong word but I really really really don't like some people.

My dad jokes around that he can take care of things for a fee. Today I told him that I could do it for free. He didn't think I should have joked like that. Who says I was joking?

20. Are you thinking about someone right now?

Many people. I like to multi-task my thoughts.


Becca said...

LOL I've never seen Thunder Down Under

Hootin' Anni said...

Thunder Down Under? Ho I gotta do a Google Search...or maybe a YouTube on THAT one.

Come on over if you can find time Sunday Stealing is now posted. Have a super day.

I am Harriet said...

Wow. Is there really such a thing as a person who is not into candy? Who knew?

Diane said...

i've never heard of the thunder down under. it will now haunt my thoughts for the rest of my days! lol

the cat pic is effing hilarious!!!!!!!!

when the hell are we gonna ever get to hang out, is all i really wanna know!!

Eve Noir said...

Did I ever tell you I had a thing for skateboarders!?? I like to watch 'em on TV too. My VERY 1st boyfriend was a skater (this was back in elementary school). I have always been fascinated with skateboarder culture too. Well, prob since I met him, don't know what ever happened to him.

I think it's truly an amazing thing to do-forget rollerblades & all that crap, skateboarding is a REAL sport! Oh & I worked at a skate shop for a summer too. I used to love skater shirts-I owned a ton...and my ALIEN obsession was filled because there was a label back in the day called ALIEN WORKSHOP. VERY cool designs.

OH & there's a great documentary on a guy who was a BIG skater back in the 80's, who killed a girl...he went a bit crazy. It's interesting for both the skater factor & murder issue. It's called GATOR...I think.

OHHHH MYYY, sorry to hog the wall again...just the one lil' answer made ALL those skater feelings come rushin' back.

Have a good Sunday girlie!

Lorielle said...

ROFLMAO! I love 9!

NurseExec said...

Great answers! Have a great Sunday :)

Dracenea said...

Becca, Hootin' Anni and Diane - You should definitely see if there's a YouTube out there of Thunder Down Under. It's quite entertaining. ;)

I am Harriet - Yep, it's true. I'm really not a big candy person. Occasionally I like some chocolate but that's about it!

Diane - We definitely need to hang out someday! We would have a riot!

Eve - I dressed like a thrasher back in the day. Remember that term? I never had a skateboard though. ha ha I remember Alien Workshop. That was huge back in the day!

I don't mind if you hog my comment wall. There's always room for comments!

Lorielle - Thanks for stopping by! I went to your blog and left a comment too.

male strippers said...

Thunder... is a good show the is a little too much show and not enough "show" lol if you can figure out what i just wrote you're good. anyway Hunkmania is a whole lot more interactive!

Dracenea said...

Male Strippers - I totally get what you're saying. :) Hunkmania, huh? I'll have to check it out. Thanks for the tip!

Renee said...

What!? You don't like candy!!!????? This is going to be a problem for me. :)

Dracenea said...

Renee - I don't HATE candy, per se. : ) There just isn't that many sugar teeth in my mouth. ha ha I do like chocolate on occasion. Can we still be friends? I'll even eat a jelly bean once in awhile!