Thursday, May 14, 2009

Badass b-day gifts bestowed upon me by blogging buddies!

Say that title three times fast! ha ha A couple of the blogging buddies that I mentioned in my previous post sent me b-day gifts in the mail. Awww!

I got the below items from Diane along with a very sweet letter. They are buttons that you can pin on your coat/shirt/etc. She made them! I saw them in her Etsy shop awhile back and loved them right away so I was shocked and delighted to see them in my very own home! I tried taking a picture of them with my camera but they kept showing up blurry. : ( So I stole the below pic from her Etsy page. Thanks, Diane!

My buddy, Eve, sent me the below items along with a cute Halloween card. Sorry for the poor picture quality! What you see is a wallet, an Asian good luck charm, Chococat nail stickers, and a pile of Frooliemew stickers. I love stickers! Did you know that Chococat and I have the same birthday (May 10)? Thanks, Eve!

My blogging buddies are so sweet and thoughtful!


Dreamwriter said...

I invite you to join the 100 Lifestyle Changes Challenge, come see my list and join the fun! Take the challenge!

Diane said...

hehe i like your tongue twister!

i'm so happy like like them! you are so welcome, of course!

that's a sweet good luck charm!

Eve Noir said...

Yay, it arrived. Glad you liked it all. I didn't even think about Chococat having the same b-day as you-lucky girl! Mike & the cute frog Keroppi share a b-day...I don't w/any Sanrio characters, but I do with Dr. Seuss! :)

Ooo, lucky lucky to get those sweet pins from Diane. How nice of her!


Dracenea said...

Dreamwriter - I gotta' say that it's strange that you left a comment on my blog but didn't comment on the post at all.

Diane - I totally love that you made them! Now I have a little piece of you. Man, that sounded kinda' creepy. hee hee

Eve - Sharing a bday with Dr. Seuss is pretty awesome!

Eve Noir said...

Funny Dracenea, she did the same thing to me! And I was like WTH!?! I really don't like that when people do that...that's not nice Blogging Etiquette! :)

Oh so I should comment on this post I'm not like Dreamwriter (ha ha).
Yes, great stuff from your blogging buddies who are BadASS. Whomever that other Eve person is, must be cool...;}

Dracenea said...

Eve - Yep, I think it's fine if someone wants to promote their blog but you're right, it's not nice blogging etiquette to do it that way.

That Eve chick is great! You would totally love her! hee hee