Friday, May 29, 2009

A quickie!

Just a real quick post. I mentioned in this post that I really want a Johnsonville t-shirt because their latest slogan is "Sausage is all we do." and well, lately, I've been a bit of a perv. Hence the post title. : ) Bad news kiddies...they emailed me back and they do not make t-shirts. They are thinking of doing a Web store eventually though, so all hope is not lost.

I've talked here about the upcoming craft show I'll be doing with my cousin. I was really hoping that I'd be one of those people that can "learn crochet in a day". Seriously it says that a lot of people can and I consider myself to be a quick learner so I figured I'd pick it up no problem and then be on my way to crocheting cute and creepy animals. Nope. I can't even understand the directions in the Crocheting for Dummies book. So what does that make me? What's worse than a Dummy? My brain hurts.

My cousin can't crochet but she can knit and she came over yesterday so that we could talk about crafting stuff. I showed her where I was stuck in the crochet process and she tried to read the instructions to do it and she couldn't do it either. So the next step is to try to see someone do it on YouTube or something and then maybe I'll pick it up.

So where does that leave me for the craft show? I'm going to be making a bunch of cross-stitch bookmarks cuz' I figured that would be something small that someone may buy. I have twelve unfinished wood picture frames and I'm going to be painting and embellishing those. Plus I may be making some button bracelets. The craft show is two weeks away so I have to work my booty off on those frames this weekend and then I'll be diving into cross-stitch. Wish me luck!

Okay so what started out as a quickie turned into something else. It's because of all that foreplay I had to add to explain myself. hee hee


halloween spirit said...

Heh heh. There's nothing more damaging to self-esteem than having difficulty with a "Dummies" book :)

Eve Noir said...

The bookmarks sound cool. I bet they would sell! Great idea. Don't feel bad that you can't crochet...I mean if your cousin can't even figure it out, it must be pretty tough!

YES, work work work...or craft craft craft! Yeah, the weeks are gonna fly (that always happens when you're working with a deadline) so I hope you get all that you want to accomplished. I know YOU can do it!!!


cindy said...

I've tried to learn to crochet through books before and it was impossible! I wouldn't beat yourself up about it. The best teacher is someone who can ACTUALLY work with you or perhaps youtube...

good luck with the whole craft fair thing! post some pics of the stuff you make if you can! :)

Dracenea said...

Halloween - Thanks for reiterating that fact. Grr.

Eve - Yes, these next few weeks are going to be crazy busy!

Cindy - I saw a couple videos on YouTube and think that I get how to do it now. I have to work tonight so maybe I'll try to crochet tomorrow.

I'll definitely be posting pics of completed things!