Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I went into work at 2:00 pm today to go through orientation. There was another girl going through the same thing but she's going to be a server (I'm going to be a delivery driver/cook). After an hour of filling out paperwork and going over even more paperwork, we were given our uniforms (a shirt and a hat for me). We decided to go try our shirts on to see if they fit and she led the way to the bathroom. We walk in and she starts taking off her shirt. I didn't know there weren't any stalls and once you're in the bathroom, that's it. Awkward! Apparently she isn't shy about stripping in front of strangers so I decided to pretend I wasn't either and changed as well. Very bizarre.

By the time we got out of the bathroom and finished filling out papers, it was 4:00 pm. The employee who was going over everything with us told us that the new server would start tomorrow night but that I was starting tonight. No biggie. I knew that I was probably going to work for a bit tonight. A couple hours went by and then I found out I was working through close. Okay...that's a bit longer than I planned. I got home at midnight!

I haven't been on my feet for that many hours straight in EIGHT YEARS! I've been in cushy corporate jobs. Tonight, I had on brand new shoes and they were too tight on the back of my heels. By the end of the night, I was waddling everywhere just trying not to put too much pressure on my heels. I got home tonight and sure enough my shoes had bit into my heels so bad that they were bleeding! I have no idea when I'm supposed to work next so I have to call over there tomorrow. I did have a ton of fun tonight but I'm kinda' hoping that they don't want me to come in tomorrow cuz' I can't walk!

In summary, today was a very interesting day. I had a ton of fun! I even got a chunk of tips even though I wasn't driving. I had forgotten how different the restaurant business is compared to the corporate world. You can say naughty words! ha ha Couple downfalls: I'll be getting a ton of second-hand smoke cuz' pretty much everyone lights up quite frequently. There are no "breaks". You don't sit down for a break ever. I had a sandwich for brunch before I went in and had brought a banana for later just in case I was working longer. I never even got to eat my banana. I was starving when I left work. This could work to my advantage though. I don't get to eat and I'm moving around all the time and lifting heavy stuff. hee hee


halloween spirit said...

Sounds like you hit the ground running! I once worked as a prep/line cook and the experience sounds quite similar (except for the smoke; love those smoking laws). I think I lost 20 pounds in my first two months, until I settled in and worked out an eating routine :)

Diane said...

do i so NOT miss my feet killing me at the end of the day!

i bitch all the time about wishing i could get my ass back to work but i just know i'd be feeling the same way as you.

bartending/restaurant stuff is NOT EASY! not on your patience level and certainly not on your feet. but, yea, it can be fun.

i'm soooo happy to hear that you had a good first day!! uummm... did my stupid package get there yet?

Eve Noir said...

I like that one of your labels is "blood." You crack me up!

Oooo, I'm sorry you got home so late. That sucks. I was considering working at Blockbuster a while back...and they were open til 1 am on the weekends, and you HAD to work weekends. That's not how I wanted to spend every weekend. Hopefully you won't have to work that late every night.

Ah, yeah, I'd be a lil' freaked out if their were no stalls...and to change in front of a stranger-kinda odd, you're right!

I was thinking the same thing, what if I got a different job (retail, restaurant)...cuz I'm not used to being on my feet for hours straight either. Been at a cushy (though not cushy in $$$) job for 7 years now...sitting at a computer 95% of my day. And I was always a cashier before (and I was applying for cashier jobs)...so I wondered could I stand like that ALL day? I used to do it before but now, hm, it'd be hard to get used to.

Atleast you move around a bit...and you're right, you'll be moving around & lifting stuff, not eating much-you could use that to your advantage.

Best of luck at the new job. And I hope you don't have to work tonite either.

Eve Noir said...

OK, you are gonna HATE me for saying this but I just HAD to tell you...my captcha was Corkstur. Isn't that interesting? I shall say no more about it....;}

Dracenea said...

Halloween - Yeah, I thought you had to be 20 feet from a building before you could light up but they're not doing that where I work. Plus last night I did some riding around on deliveries and the person driving was smoking with the windows open just a crack. I got more than one good whiff. Bleh!

Diane - I went out and bought band-aids this morning for the back of my heels and I'm wearing other shoes for awhile. They aren't exactly what I'm supposed to wear but oh well!

I didn't get a chance to get the mail yesterday. I'll be getting it today though and I'll let you know. I highly doubt it's a stupid package. :)

Eve - I do have to work tonight. I go in at 3pm and my manager said that I probably wouldn't work until close so we'll see. I'm hoping to get some kind of a schedule when I go in.

Being on my feet for that long was a change but the worse part was my heels. I think if I had different shoes on yesterday, I would have been okay and just a little sore. I don't think I would have been okay if I just stood all day like you do when you're cashiering.

Corkstur, eh? ha ha

Twasthebrilligandtheslithytoves said...

I know what its like to get a job where you're on your feet after a job where you're just constantly sitting. It's rough. Good luck though! :D

Dracenea said...

TwasTheBrillig - Yep, I had to work yesterday and today too so my feet are pretty angry with me. Plus I have bumps and bruises on my arms from all the heavy lifting and moving stuff around. Eh, it's so worth it to work someplace that I really like with good people!

Riverwolf, said...

Just one thing to say: Dr. Scholls!

The Frog Queen said...

Wow, glad to hear your doing well. I have had a desk job for sooooo long. I know I am spoiled. :)

Try to avoid the smoke, that would drive me crazy too!


Dracenea said...

Riverwolf - I definitely may need to get something like that! I've been wearing some crappy old shoes that are better on my heels so as long as I wear bandaids, I've been okay.

Frog Queen - Even though my body aches, my mind is much happier working a non-desk job. : )